The Florida Federation of Republican Women is proud to be the largest Republican women’s organization in the state. We understand our role as supporting strong conservative republican values throughout our State and our Country.

We are Florida. We stand for Fiscal restraint and are decidedly pro-Capitalism. We back the Blue and Support our Troops. We believe in American Exceptionalism, and the right of a free people to make our own choices in life, not those chosen by the government for us. We believe that Parents should determine what their children are taught in our schools, not the teachers unions. We respect and cherish the contributions of our founding fathers and our shared American history. We do not seek to Cancel or Change the past because it is not always pretty. We steadfastly support the Second Amendment and our Right to bear Arms. We believe that the government works for us, not the other way around.

We work tirelessly to elect republicans, in an effort to increase our majorities in the Florida House, Senate and in our Congressional delegation. We are committed to electing conservative Republicans in all local elections, including School Boards, to combat the dangerous ideologies of the liberals and progressives. We fight to enforce the laws as written by our legislature, and oppose judges legislating from the bench.

If you believe as we do, and are not already a member, please consider joining us. We need your help either by volunteering at your local level or by donating to FFRW, every bit helps. You can find our contact information on our contact page.

On behalf of the FFRW, I thank you for visiting our website and for taking a stand with us to ensure that the United States remains a Constitutional Republic for another 250 years.

We are Florida, and we are here to ensure that the Country founded ” … By the people, for the people … shall not perish from this Earth.”
Thank you,

Maricel Cobitz
FFRW President