Financial Aspect

When a member joins your local club, she becomes a member in good standing of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and the FFRW. Membership is open to registered
Republican women.

When determining the dues level for your club, please note that your membership dues will cover membership in all three levels of the Federation. NFRW dues are $20.00, FFRW dues
are $5.00 for a total of $25.00.

Local club dues typically run between $25.00 and $65.00 per year. Clubs annually submit $25.00 per member to FFRW. The remaining amount stays in the club treasury.

Checks should be made payable to the FFRW and mailed to:

Lynn Stafford (FFRW Treasurer)
[address TBD]

The FFRW Treasurer sends $20.00 to NFRW. FFRW retains $5.00.

*Please note: a $25.00 annual service charge is also due from each local Club in January. Of that amount, $15.00 per club is paid to NFRW; $10.00 per club is retained by FFRW.

Bank Account

Each club needs to establish a political EIN with the IRS for banking purposes.

Ask for Help!

FFRW District Representatives, District Executive, and President are available to answer your questions and help organize your new club. FFRW Treasurer is available to help you file your
FFRW annual and subsequent membership reports. All officers and their contact information are available by visiting Visit the National organization at:
for club management and protocol information, club membership roster, membership cards, and other helpful information.