Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida has lead the nation in almost all categories under the direction of Governor Ron DeSantis. He has across the board endorsements from all parts of the community, from education, environmental, business, health and more. His opponents include Democrat Charlie Crist, plus a couple of other non-Republican party candidates. Crist will take Florida backwards if elected. Don’t mess with success, and vote Ron DeSantis

His top highlights include:

Putting Kids First and Protecting Parent’s Rights, and putting Teachers First

Kept Schools open, provided highest ever Pay increases for teachers, and gave parents a voice in their schools. Saving Women’s Sports.

Florida’s Economy is Outpacing the Nation

Inflation is an invisible tax weighing on families across Florida and the nation. Governor DeSantis is fighting back against Biden’s reckless spending policies with the largest tax relief package in Florida’s history, providing more than $1.2 billions of tax relief.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

Florida communities are ranked among the safest in the nations, and Governor DeSantis is committed to supporting law enforcement and first responders. He signed the most comprehensive pro-law enforcement legislation in the nation, prohibiting defunding the police.

The Environment: Keeping Florida Beautiful

Provided the highest level of funding the state of Florida has ever been provided to ensure our waterways are continuing the road to progress. programs included Everglades restoration, EAA Reservoir Project, Raising the Tamiami Trail, Breaking ground on C-43 Reservoir, Red Tide Task Force, and the list goes on.

Protecting the Integrity of Our Elections

Governor DeSantis promised to clean up Florida’s elections, and one of his first acts as Governor was removing a bad faith election supervisor. He’s secured more than $18 million for cyber security and elections hardware improvements.  See the entire list here

Attorney General

Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody faces Democrat Aramis Ayala

Chief Financial Officer

Jimmy Patronis

Jimmy Patronis will face Democrat Adam Hattersley

Commissioner of Agriculture

Wilton Simpson

Wilton Simpson will face Democrat Naomi Esther Blemur

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