Florida has led the nation in almost all categories. From all parts of the community, from education, environmental, business, health and more Florida leads the way.

Top Issues

Putting Kids First and Protecting Parent’s Rights

Florida kept schools open, provided highest ever pay increases for teachers, and gave parents a voice in their child’s schools.

Florida’s Economy is Outpacing the Nation

Inflation is an invisible tax weighing on families across Florida and the nation. We oppose reckless spending policies in Florida. We offer a hand up rather than a hand out.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

Florida communities are ranked among the safest in the nation. We are committed to supporting law enforcement and first responders. We will never defund the police.

The Environment: Keeping Florida Beautiful

Florida has provided record funding to ensure our waterways are continuing on the road to progress. We will never sacrifice our national treasurers in Florida.

Protecting the Integrity of Our Elections

We support continued efforts to clean up Florida’s elections. In Florida, (1) ballot harvesting is now a felony; (2) Supervisors of Elections must clean voter rolls of ineligible voters; and (3) the state created an office of Election Crimes and Security to prosecute voting fraud.


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