We have so much work to do! 2020 is approaching quickly, our nation is at risk with the liberal policies of those that will do anything to gain power. We need everyone on deck to make sure that Florida remains a red state, we know if Florida votes Republican so will the nation and we can help make that happen!

Historically Republican women have been described as hard working, loyal, passionate about politics and Boots on the Ground. Next year we will have the opportunity to show our strength, when we campaign for our President and turn our state deep red once again.

We have many new members and clubs, making sure they have the tools needed to be successful and growing is important, but so is our duty to help our Republican candidates win.  Most importantly we need to identify and support Women Candidates – Women have the skills needed to multi-task, keep promises and stand their ground when pressured.  We need more women elected to all offices, statewide and nationally.

I am proud of what our Federation has accomplished over the last 3 years, and I encourage you to participate and be active in your club and the FFRW.

Dena Stebbins DeCamp
Florida Federation of Republican Women