jeanJean Wingo grew up in Tallahassee where she worked in numerous campaigns, attended the University of Florida receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award from her college for the promotion of health and fitness, and lobbied the Florida Legislature for 25 years. The Tallahassee Democrat named her one the 25 Women You need to Know.

In 1995 she started what was known as the Tobacco Wars on behalf of the American Heart Association and Florida became the first state to take smoking out of all public places. Other lobbying successes included licensing the sale of cigarettes to prevent sales to minors, Florida becoming the first state to move debrillators from trucks and onto the walls of the community dramatically reducing death and disability from heart attack, and the 1998 fitness act to increase PE in the schools and put $3 million into health and fitness.

She worked for Jeb Bush for 4 years as Legislative Director for the Department of Health, was Director of the Governor’s Ex-offender Task Force to reduce recidivism in the prisons, and ran the free doctor program in Florida.

Other issues have included prescription drug abuse, the Florida Commission on Human Relations, animal rights, child abuse, mental health, and preventing non-profits from losing money from Ponzi schemes.

She has 3 children and 6 grandchildren and is married to Charles Wingo, an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon who moved to the Destin area 3 years ago.